The Northwest Lakewood Sanitation District's 2013 sewer improvements shall consist of four relatively small point repairs and twelve full linings of approximately 3,600 feet of sewer pipe. Prior to the use of full lining, the District's most conventional way to replace or repair a deteriorated sanitary sewer line was to close the street and dig it up until the underground line was exposed and replaced. Due to this lining technology, the District is able to use insitu methods to rehabilitate lines at a much more cost effective and less invasive way. The main benefit in lining the sewer mains is that it eliminates the need to excavate the city street or deal with other utilities that share the Right of Way. Street excavation can be very costly, cause traffic disruptions and may take additional weeks to complete. The 2013 Improvements are scheduled to be bid in late April 2013 with construction anticipated to be complete by the first of August 2013. For a map of the areas scheduled for repair/rehabilitation click here.



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