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The Board of Directors has decided to defer the imposition of the Facilities Renovation Fee for 2008. Instead a mill levy increase will be sought, which would make the costs tax-deductible. Read More Here

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68.5% of survey respondants prefer a mill levy vote over a fee increase. Read the Results here

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The Board has formed a Citizens Advisory Committee to make recommendations on the mill levy. Read Here for more information

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The Northwest Lakewood Sanitation District's 2012 sewer improvements were completed in December 2012. The improvements included eight relatively small point repairs, three full linings of approximately 560 feet of sewer pipe and removal/replacement of 165 feet of 8-inch pipe and 560 feet of 12-inch pipe. New technology was utilized in the 8-inch removal/replacement in the form of pipe bursting.

The pipe bursting process involves replacing the existing main line with an equivalent diameter pipe, fragmenting the existing pipeline and pulling the new hdpe pipe into the main line's existing position. The only effect to paving or landscaping occurs where pits are excavated to reconnect sanitary services for each resident on the mainline.

By using this process, the District was able to complete this mainline repair beneath private property with minimal effect to the landscaping. The pipe bursting method resulted in an estimated savings of approximately 35% versus the traditional mainline removal/replacement method.


At the regular meeting of the Northwest Lakewood Sanitation District Board of Directors held on October 24, 2012, the Board voted to increase the Facilities Renovation and Service Fee for single family residential property and equivalent property from $150 to $175 per year effective January 1, 2013. Customers should receive an invoice for this fee amount by February 15, 2013, and the fee is due on April 1, 2013.

Fee increases of this nature are never popular, but the Board reviewed the ten year financial projections [click here] and utilized this information to assist it in making the decision to increase the fee. The financial projections indicate an even larger increase in the Fee is necessary to adequately fund future rehabilitation of the 60 year old system as well as operation and maintenance expenses. However the Board understands the economic climate and has agreed on a modest $25 fee increase for 2013.


The District will pay 35% more in fees to Metro for wastewater treatment in 2012 ($1,186,644) than it did in 2011 ($877,022). While continuing annual increases of this magnitude are not anticipated, the District must prepare for substantial increases that will diminish the ability to pay for treatment costs out of mill levy revenues. Without an increase in revenue, FRSF income will increasingly be diverted away from important facilities renovation projects to pay for wastewater treatment. The District is now assessing the need for additional revenues. This could be accomplished through an increase in the FRSF and/or an increase in the mill levy. A mill levy increase can only be enacted through an election. The District tried this approach in 2008 to raise funds for facilities renovation, but the proposed mill levy increase was defeated. The Board still believes the best way to collect additional revenues is via a mill levy increase, as opposed to a fee, since property taxes usually qualify as an itemized deduction on federal income tax returns.

The District will keep its customers informed of on-going financial planning efforts via this web site.



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