History of the District

When asked "Why did the District form back in the 1950's?" the one time operator for the District replied "Obviously, to provide sewer service". Although the District struggled to form due to several subdivisions electing not to participate, the Northwest Lakewood Sanitation District (NWLSD) became a Colorado Special District at its inception in early 1953. Initially, sewerage from NWLSD and Westridge Sanitation District was treated at the Northwest Lakewood/Westridge Wastewater Treatment Plant located at 4101 Miller Street, Wheat Ridge in 1955. When opened, the treatment facility consisted of a headwork, clarifier, anaerobic digester, and supporting facilities. During 1961, the plant was expanded to include a second clarifier and digester. In the early 1970's, Westridge Sanitation District ceased to contribute sewerage to the shared wastewater treatment facility and NWLSD took over full operation of the plant. At the same time, the plant, being used as primary treatment, rerouted its treated sewage to the Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation District (Metro) for secondary treatment. By late 2004/ early 2005, the Northwest Lakewood Wastewater Treatment Plant was taken offline and sewerage from the District was bypassed directly to Metro for complete treatment.

The District services approximately six square miles of area comprised of Northern Lakewood, a portion of Wheat Ridge, and some sections of Unincorporated Jefferson County. The collection system for the District consists of approximately 65.5 miles of piping that is routed to the plant site and discharged directly to Metro. NWLSD prides itself on their pro-active preventative maintenance approach, continuous improvement program, updated database with integrated maintenance program and GIS mapping, and the ability to provide wastewater collection to over 6,300 single family residential equivalents (SFRE) throughout its service area. Their constituents consist primarily of residential multi-family, commercial, and retail.



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